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Games Market Globally Will Tend To Grow 9.4% for the year 2015

Tuesday 12May2015

According to Global Games Market Report, shows that the games market globally will jump from $83.6Bn last year to $91.5Bn this year. The latest estimates show that China could move ahead of US to become the world’s largest games market by revenue in 2015 with an anticipated growth of +23% this year. China is expected to outgrow as the biggest market than US. The Global Games Market Report will be launched on June 8th and include projections toward 2018, as well as the top trends that will define success several years from now.

Newzoo has introduced a screen segmentation model to understand the growth opportunities by the usage of different screens. On Global scale, in terms of screens , the Computer screens (PC/Mac) will take the biggest chunk of the pie and the Entertainment screen (TV/Console) takes 27%. Rapidly growing in its share is the Personal screen (Phones, Smart watches) takes 23% , Floating screen ( Tablets, Handhelds) takes 13%. The fastest growing segment is Personal Screen which shows year-on-year growth of +21%.

The US market will grow by 3% this year and total $22.0Bn. In addition to a stabilized console gaming market, growth in the US continues to be driven by smartphone and tablet game revenues, which will see a healthy year-on-year growth of +15%. While growth in mobile revenues in the US has slowed from 2013 year-on-year growth of +45%. US mobile gaming market is in no way saturated as several analyst reports suggest.

China and US are competing neck to neck to reach the number 1 position in the market.


How would the future casinos be???

Thursday 23April2015

Change is a must !!! The world is changing so would the casino. We feel the change everywhere which is being stimulated by new and breakthrough technology. The tough question for the gaming industry is How will the casinos look like in future? And what changes will be made to existing casinos to make them viable? Recently, a small group of knowledgeable and futuristic thinkers related to the gaming industry assembled in a private meeting in Las Vegas to discuss and trace out about the future of the casino. However most of the discussion was about progressing from “slot-based” to “sever-centric” gaming.

Gaming areas will modernize to provide a better experience for its customers. Casinos of the future will definitely delight the customers by providing variety of options. The large casino will be divided into small discrete gaming spaces that are uniquely designed for customer preference. Each will have a distinct environment with its own feel and character to fulfill the desires of different people, different demographics and different tastes,” comments Rich Emery, a design partner at Thalden · Boyd · Emery Architects.

The slot environment would be very different and much more comfortable in future. Casinos will be no longer slaves to the boxes and will no longer have slots that are in fixed machines lined up in rows like little soldiers. Customers will be accommodated in comfortable, non-fixed, lounge-type seating. The computer industry is rapidly moving to “mobile.” Server-centric casinos will allow customers to play in a variety of environments (even outdoors), on a wide variety of conveniently placed hand-held displays. Slot machines will market themselves, enticing longer play. Customers can expect casino floors to render variety of environments, invention and surprises.

In future, the term “slot machine” might disappear as the new displays become available on a variety of easy-to-use and easy-to-carry hardware. Playing can be on wireless hand-held devices because the outcome on the game is actually happening on the server. For example, Acres 4.0 is currently introducing a way for casinos to use iPads to run poker, keno and slot games.

The casinos of the future will be exciting. Change brings opportunity, and with it comes challenges and innovation.

Mobile games can be mirrored to PCs and TVs now!!!!!

Monday 13April2015

As the gaming industry is evolving, it is taking several unique paths along with different hardware technologies, consoles, PCs and Phones. Presently phones are the most popular options for the players to play games conveniently. According to a report by NDP Group, playing mobile games has increased 57 percent in last two years. Now there are more ways for users to connect their various devices to mirror apps from their smart phones to PC or TV.

Mirroring mobile apps to PCs and TVs helps the player to play it from the street and to the living room by using new technology such as Mobizen which gives a unique gaming experience of different devices. For instance, you can start a game on a mobile device and then continue it on a PC when at home or in the office. Mobile games are now as complex and graphically rich as PC games. Hence mirroring that game play onto larger screens is a natural progression to streamline the user experience. Game play is not altered or disrupted, simply improved via the larger screen enabling users to take advantage of the best experience possible at any given time.

Smartphones are self-possessed to take a large part of the gaming pie because they enable users to anchor the experience and take it everywhere they go. With mobile devices, users can seamlessly integrate their gaming experience and can easily record & share gaming footage, and can even record 60 fps to truly mimic the gaming experience — and with just a few taps that video is on Facebook or YouTube.

From technology point of view, smart phone capabilities will definitely continue to improve and open doors to wide array of demographics.

A Slow Shift In Casino Industry From The Las Vegas Strip To East Asia

Wednesday 1April2015

The gaming at Las Vegas Strip declined in 2009 and bounced back in 2010. Since then it leads a steady revenue growth by well known casino operators. Will the strip be able to see any significant growth in coming years as other states have also legalized the casinos providing the gambles with plenty of alternatives. Over the past few years, Macau has seen a rapid growth in gaming and will continue to drive growth for casino operators to expand in East Asia.

Why Las Vegas Strip is witnessing a slow growth over past few years is because of other states which have been legalizing the gambling. For example: Pennsylvania legalized table games like Poker and Blackjack to generate higher revenues. Delaware is also planning and passed a bill to allow table games. This had an adverse effect on the number of tourists visiting Las Vegas for gaming activities and this trend will continue in the coming years too.

As on today Macau continues to be the most important gambling destination with a solid growth opportunity in the coming years. The year 2014 has been tough for Macau as the anti-corruption crack down kept VIPs away from gaming tables which led to a 2.60% drop in gaming revenues to $44 billion. While Macau saw a tough phase, Japan moved one step closer to legalizing casinos in the country. Casino operators have shown interest in developing casinos in Osaka and Tokyo. According to a research by CLSA, Japan will generate $40 billion in annual gambling revenues which indicates it could be a very big market for gambling.

Do you think Smart Watches will be the next Gaming Platform?

Friday 13Mar2015

Now technology can be worn too! Every tech enthusiast is talking about the wearable technology, with the launch of Apple Watch which happened just a month away. Smart watch is an extension of the Smart phone which will allow you to read text messages, who is calling you, checking of upcoming appointments etc. Not only these, but it will also help the wearers to gain access on buildings or smart home networks , TV’s and sound systems from their wrist.

According to John Hanke, founder of Niantic Labs, says one of the killer applications for smart watches will be Gaming because these are one of the things which encourage early adopters to grab new devices to get comfortable with them. And then many other apps will grow out of that.

Niantic has developed a version of Ingress for Android wear which uses very simple commands such as tap and swipe to allow players to capture "portals" - real-world landmarks, historic locations, public artwork, museums and local businesses that players compete to control. Mr. Hanke said that Ingress works particularly well on a smart watch, because it allows players to keep their hands free, and pay more attention to the world around them. The real opportunity is in new types of games that blend discovery of spaces, movement, exploration and gamified playing.

Leap Band from children’s tablet maker Leapfrog, are planning to tap this idea, allowing wearers to earn points by participating in physical activities and challenges. Mr. Hanke says that as the sensors in smart watches improve; the opportunity for developers to create augmented reality games for smart watches will also continue to grow. Finally he concludes that "It’s a very positive thing for the technology industry to have these wearable devices and to move their focus a bit from trying to connect people virtually to trying to connect people in the real world."

Gaming industry is now bigger than movie industry

Tuesday 05Mar2015

Yes it is true that the gaming industry is now bigger than movie industry. However, it is hard to measure exactly as the games market has become more and more complex and diverse over the years. Gaming industry is booming, it’s not a secret anymore, but how big it is, who’s playing and how it is changing? You will be astonished to know the numbers are big. The global games market is expected to reach £62 billion ($102.9 billion) by 2017, an eight per cent annual compound growth rate from 2013’s £45.5 billion ($75.5bn), according to Newzoo data. There are 34.7 million gamers in the UK, 55 per cent of whom are male, and on average players aged 11 to 64 spend eight hours per week on games.

Today we have games consoles, PC download platforms, mobile and tablet game apps, portable consoles, hardware and merchandise, as well as the emergence of free-to-play titles that charge for in-game extras.

Ten years ago, there was a lot of talk about the possibility of demise of the PC’s as online platforms like Xbox which were becoming hugely popular and many big game franchises were turning away from PC to consoles. However a market can change in ten years. Now the trend has changed and PC games market has surpassed the console gaming sector in terms of revenues, according to analyst DFC Intelligence.

The excitement of PC Gaming is going up as chip makers are pushing the market forward with more powerful cards, mobile chips and APIs. System builders are encountering increase in demand for gaming PC’s. Events also form a big part of the market.

Macau Gambling revenue falls to 49 % for the month of February

Thursday 03Mar2015

Macau, the world’s biggest gambling hub which generates revenue more than seven times of Las vegas.

According to data released by Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, Gambling revenue plunged a record of 49 percent last month. Revenue fell for the ninth consecutive month to 19.5 billion patacas, or $2.4 billion, in February, from 38 billion patacas a year earlier.

Macau casino stocks listed in Hong Kong rose between 1 percent and 3.5 percent on Tuesday. The decline in February’s revenue was within the range of 45 percent to 55 percent expected by analysts. Shares have dropped 4 percent to 9 percent since the start of this year, sharply underperforming the benchmark Hang Seng index, which was up 5 percent for the same period.

Grant Govertsen, an analyst at the research firm Union Gaming Research Macau says “ They believe the biggest culprit for the weak month was the already-troubled V.I.P. segment. Casino executives and analysts believe that a campaign that aimed at the illicit outflow of money from the country could be blamed for the revenue decline in Macau.”

A slowdown is highly visible in its 35 casinos. Analysts expect the slowdown would lead to more closures of junket operators, companies that arrange credit, accommodation and travel for wealthy players.

India Gaming & Gambling Networking Event

Blue Birds Games is also participating in the' India Gaming & Gambling Networking Event' conducted on Feb 3rd 2015 where the top stakeholders in Indian gaming and gambling industry meet in a private networking session in the oldest pub in London located in London city center, with a spectacular view over the Thames.